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Sustainability Science Explained:

The news is full of potential ways to “save the planet.” Should we ban plastic straws? Drive electric cars? Install solar panels? It can feel pretty overwhelming. We help you think about what matters, what you can let go, and what will actually help.

Each episode is reported by students from Brown University, rigorously fact-checked, verified by a sustainability scientist, and hosted and edited by a professional journalist.

Possibly is a co-production of The Public’s Radio, Brown University’s Institute for Environment and Society and Brown’s Climate Solutions Initiative.


Our Team

Possibly is a student reported show! Award-winning audio journalist Megan Hall, and Brown University Associate Provost for Sustainability and Professor of Ecology, Stephen Porder lead our team of Brown University-student reporters who pitch each story, interview guests, record the show, and mix every episode.  The result- fresh voices delivering trustworthy information to guide informed decision-making.


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