Rhode Island is in the center of a complicated conversation about the future of our oceans. Our state had the first 5 off-shore wind turbines in the country, and there are hundreds more planned nearby. But Rhode Island is also home to a vibrant fishing industry and they’re seeing their waters warming as fast as anywhere on earth. Some say off-shore wind is necessary to address climate change, others say it’s a gold rush and they’re worried fishermen and marine life will get caught up in the stampede. Can both these industries co-exist? We’ll hear from a panel of experts and then we’ll hear select questions from the audience.

Host: Megan Hall


David Beutel- Aquaculture Coordinator, Coastal Resources Management Council

Lanny Dellinger- lobsterman and chair of the Rhode Island Fisheries Advisory Board

Ed LeBlanc– Orsted’s Manager of Marine Affairs

Becca Selden- Assistant Professor of biological sciences at Wellesley College 

Kevin Stokesbury–  Professor of Fisheries Oceanography at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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