Megan Hall: Welcome to Possibly, where we take on huge problems like the future of our planet and break them down into small questions with unexpected answers. I’m Megan Hall. As we head into a new year, our Possibly team decided to think about all of our episodes and how they might inspire our resolutions for 2022. Here’s what some of us had to say.

Ashley Junger: I’m Ashley Junger. I was inspired by our episode on food waste. So this year I want to be more conscious of the food I buy and think about ways to waste less. Hi, possibly Fatima Hussain here this year, I want to make a big dent in my co2 emissions. So my goal is to eat way less meat.

Luci Jones : Hi, I’m Luci Jones. This year I was inspired by our episode on rental fashion. So my New Year’s resolution is to try to limit the amount of clothes I buy from name brands and find new ways to use what I already have in my closet.

Brendan Gardner: I’m Brendan Gardner. This year I was inspired by our episode about the environmental impacts of fertilizer, I mean huge gardening fan. So my resolution is to minimize my use of synthetic fertilizers and to use slow release fertilizers to better protect marine ecosystems.

Megan Hall: My name is Megan Hall. I’m the host of Possibly and my resolution is to stop buying so much stuff. So I’m going to take a pause for at least three months from buying anything for myself that I don’t really need and try to save some of that money towards eventually buying an electric car.

Kolya Shields: Hello, everyone. My name is Kolya Shields. And I was inspired by our episode on French showers. So my resolution is to take shorter showers to help conserve water. 

Stephen Porder: Hi, this is Stephen Porder, co-founder of Possibly. This year, my New Year’s resolution is to offset all of my flight emissions by buying high-quality offsets that are real, additional, and quantifiable. If you want to know more about offsets, check out our previous episode on Possibly.

Ryan Conaty: Hey, Possibly, this is Ryan Conaty. I’m not technically on the team. But Megan’s my wife and I took her phone and I’m making my own resolution. 2022 is a midterm election year. So I want to spend more time getting people in office who are going to support policies to combat climate change.

Megan Hall: Thanks for listening and happy new year!

That’s it for today. Possibly is a co-production of the Institute of Brown for Environment and Society, Brown’s Climate Solutions Initiative and the Public’s Radio.

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