Megan Hall: 

Welcome to Possibly, where we take on huge problems like the future of our planet and break them down into small questions with unexpected answers. I’m Megan Hall. As we head into a new year, our Possibly team decided to think about all of our episodes and how they might inspire our resolutions for 2023. Here’s what some of us had to say.

Emily Tom:

Hi, my name is Emily Tom, and I’m a reporter for possibly after listening to our episode about faux leather that’s actually made out of mushrooms. I want to be more conscious about the choices I make as a consumer by buying more secondhand clothing, avoiding fast fashion, and of course looking out for new and sustainable ways that we can make new clothing.

Charlie Adams

Hey there, my name is Charlie Adams and I’m a reporter with possibly this year, I’m resolved to kindly tell him that parents know when they asked him to rake the lawn. If you’re interested in saving yourself time, check out our previous episode on raking.

Juliana Merullo

Hi, this is Juliana Merullo. I was sort of freaked out about our episode on vampire energy. So this year, I’m going to try to do a home energy audit and figure out which my appliances are taking up so much power.

Janek Schaller

I’m Janek Schaller. I was inspired by our episode on the Block Island wind farm. So I resolved to make time in the new year to travel to the island to see how the project has changed life for the people that live there.

Kolya Shields

Hi, I’m Kolya Shields, and I was inspired by our episode on bees and the threats they face from climate change. And so my resolution is to plant more pollinator friendly plants in my garden that lasts longer periods of the year.

Megan Hall

I’m Megan Hall and I’m the host of Possibly. Almost five years ago, for one of our first episodes, I had some experts look at my house to make it more energy efficient. So I think it’s time to try that again, especially with all the new rebates coming from the federal government.

Luci Jones

Hi, I’m Luci Jones, and I’m a senior reporter at possibly this year, I was inspired by our episode on kamikatsu, the town in Japan that’s committed to zero waste. So my New Year’s resolution is to try to be more conscious about how I recycle and use what I already have in more intentional ways rather than throwing things out or buying something new.

Albert Wu

Hi, this is Albert Wu. I was inspired by our episode on what makes a recyclable contaminated. My New Year’s resolution is to rinse or wipe single use plastics as best as I can before putting them into the recycling.

Ashley Junger

Hi, I’m Ashley Junger and I’m possiblys managing producer I converted to using laundry detergent sheets after working on our episode, should I ditch liquid detergent. This year, I want to continue looking for little switches that I can make to reduce the emissions or waste that I generate.

Harrison Katz

Hi, I’m Harrison Katz and I’m a senior reporter at possibly, I’ve really been inspired by our episode on how internet use affects carbon emissions. So this year, my resolution is to try and keep my camera off and zoom meetings and make sure I’m streaming my shows in standard definition instead of high definition.

Marin Warshay

Hello, my name is Marin and for my New Year’s resolution, I would love to start composting. We have a place to drop off compost really close to us. So it seems feasible. And I would love to do that in the new year.

Megan Hall 

Thanks for listening and happy new year!

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