Megan Hall: Welcome to Possibly where we take on huge problems like the future of our planet and break them down into small questions with unexpected answers. I’m Megan Hall. As we head into a new year, our Possibly team decided to think about all of our episodes, and how they might inspire our resolutions for 2024. Here’s what some of us had to say.

Will Malloy: My name is Wil Malloy, I’m a reporter for Possibly, I was inspired by the episode about offsetting flights by giving up red meat. And my resolution for the new year is to give up red meat.

Juliana Merullo: My name is Juliana Merullo, and I’m a senior reporter with Possibly. I love to bird and I was inspired by our episode on bird migration and light pollution. So this spring, I’m going to make sure to close my curtains and turn off my lights at night during spring migration. 

Stephen Porder: Hi, this is Steven Porder, co-founder of Possibly. It’s finally time to tackle dairy. I’ve cut out all meat. But we know the dairy has a big carbon footprint. I’m not quite ready to give up cheese. So my New Year’s resolution is to give up on all animal based milk, yogurt, and butter. Maybe next year for cheese, but that’s going to be a tough one.

Meg Talikoff: Hi, I’m Meg Talikoff. I’m a reporter at Possibly and this year my resolution is to look into how to become an intervener at my public utilities commission. It means that I would be able to give feedback officially to the Public Utilities Commission and give a perspective other than utility companies’ perspective. 

Charlie Adams: Hello, My name is Charlie Adams. I’m a reporter for Possibly 

Iman Khanbhai: Hi, my name is Iman Khanbhai. I’m a reporter for Possibly.

Charlie Adams and Iman Khanbhai: We’re gonna use less water when we shave.

Nat Hardy: Hi, my name is Nat Hardy, and I’m the managing producer at Possibly. We had an episode earlier this year about how to more sustainably make a cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m a really big tea drinker. This year, I want to research how to make a more sustainable cup of tea. 

Megan Hall: Hi, my name is Megan Hall and I’m the host of Possibly. Two years ago I made a resolution that I was going to save money so I could buy an electric car. And I did it this year. So mission accomplished.  For 2024, my resolution is to also try to limit the kinds of things I buy that I don’t need so I can save up money for heat pumps, which is another thing we talked about a lot on the show- it’s a more sustainable way to heat and cool your house.

Janek Schaller: Hi, my name is Janek Schaller. I’m a senior reporter here at Possibly and my resolution for the new year is to become more aware of the ways in which I can leverage my position as a student, and as somebody who cares with the climate, to affect change. Kind of along the lines of what we saw in our reporting on the Youth Climate suit in Montana.  

Megan Hall: Anything else you want to say? 

Nat Hardy: Happy New Year!

Stephen Porder: Happy New Year!

Megan Hall: Happy New Year! 

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